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[1.1 Character Creation] - Archetypes and Mastery's.

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[1.1 Character Creation] - Archetypes and Mastery's.

Post by Atto Akimichi on Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:13 pm

Ninjutsu (originally created off of the fundamental of Ninshu created by the Sage of Six Paths,) simply put is the ability to manipulate, mold and reconstruct Chakra along with various affiliated Kekkei Genkai and Elemental Affinity's. Shinobi whom are practitioners in the Art of Ninjutsu must thoroughly learn both Physical and Mental discipline, unlocking the potential of their physical and spiritual energy combined in various forms to create Ninjutsu. Whether it's Handseals, Scrolls or even Summons all fall along the same fundamental's of channeling both Physical and Spiritual energy, as long as an individual's capable of molding both together Ninjutsu will be produced. Training in Ninjutsu not only gives you the ability to mold and construct such a variable Archetype, in order to learn or create stronger Jutsu you must excel within the art to cap out your Jutsu Mastery. For every point in Ninjutsu a Shinobi gain's an additional point towards their Jutsu power. For instance, if you're using Great Fire Ball Technique at 70 Power with 60 points into Ninjutsu your overall Jutsu power becomes 130. Below you will find a list elaborating the benefit's of each Mastery included in Ninjutsu.

Beginner - So, you wish to learn one of the most complex Art's known to Shinobi? Hey, don't feel discouraged although you're only capable of using up to C-Ranked Jutsu. Have your Sensei teach you a B-Ranked technique which only they're capable of entitling you with, though it won't change that it takes one second to produce one Handseal.

Adept - Right on! You've managed to get the hang of Ninjutsu instead of dropping it to perfect another Art. It must feel great being capable of learning B-Ranked Jutsu by yourself now, however I doubt you need me to remind you that if your Sensei is Jonin or higher you're capable of learning an A-Ranked Jutsu from them once more. Surprisingly your Handseals have increased twice in speed, capable of producing a Handseal every half second!

Master -There's nothing more you can be taught about Ninjutsu by any Shinobi other than yourself. Whether you're Jonin or not at this point, any nation wouldn't comprehend having you in their land. Not only are you capable of learning any A-Ranked Ninjutsu, you're capable of creating or learning one S-Ranked Jutsu unless you've already capped three S-Ranked Jutsu. You're also capable of forming Handseals at in-comprehensive speed, merely blurring at one Handseal per quarter second.

Taijutsu -

Genjutsu -

Fuinjutsu -

Iryojutsu -

[size=18Advanced Archetypes[/size]

Sensory Techniques -

Space-Time Techniques -

Barrier Techniques -

Juinjutsu Techniques -

Weapon-based Archetypes

Shurikenjutsu -

Bojutsu -

Kenjutsu -

Kendo -

Kyūdō -

(Other weaponry will be added later-on, this is what is currently offered in the Land's in play.)

Atto Akimichi

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