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Jutsu Template

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Jutsu Template

Post by Atto Akimichi on Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:42 pm

[hr][center][size=18][color=#EEEEEE]Jutsu List[/color][/size][/center][hr]
[color=#EEEEEE][b][u]Jutsu Name:[/u][/b] Jutsu Name Here.
[b][u]Jutsu Type:[/u][/b] Taijutsu / Ninjutsu / Etc.
[b][u]Jutsu Rank:[/u][/b] E-S Ranked.
[b][u]Jutsu Health:[/u][/b] Blocking or increasing health stat: Scales same as Strength
[b][u]Jutsu Strength:[/u][/b] E Ranked = 10-15. D-Ranked = 20-30. C-Ranked = 30-40. B-Ranked = 40-50. A-Ranked = 50-60. S-Ranked = 60-70.
[b][u]Jutsu Distance:[/u][/b] 0-1m = E-Ranked / 1-5m = D-Ranked / 5-10m = C-Ranked / 10-20m = B-Ranked / 20-30m = A-Ranked / 40-50m = S-Ranked.
[b][u]Jutsu Speed:[/u][/b] 1m/s - 5m/s for E/D/C Ranks, E being 1m/s while C would be 5m/s. 6m/s - 10m/s for B/A/S Ranks, same grading concept.
[b][u]Elemental Affinity:[/u][/b] If there is any, will be no for all physical skills.

[b][u]What does your Jutsu Look Like?[/b][/u] Self Explanatory.
[b][u]What does your Jutsu Do Exactly?[/b][/u] Self Explanatory.[/color]
[b]u[]Jutsu Rank:[/b][/u] Cost of Jutsu 5 JP for E-Rank, 10 JP for D-Rank, 20 JP for C-Rank, 40 JP for B-Rank, 60 JP for A-Rank, 100 JP for S-Rank. For Taijutsu, put Stamina Points instead of Jutsu Points as it scales differently in stat.
Atto Akimichi

Clan : Namikaze.
Kekkei Genkai : Flying Raijin Jutsu.
Elemental(s) : Futon.
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