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[1.0 Character Creation] - Ranking System & Roster.

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[1.0 Character Creation] - Ranking System & Roster.

Post by Atto Akimichi on Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:11 pm

Ranking System and Roster

Ranking Roster of all Lands.

Konohagakure No Sato:

  • Sannin N/A. - 2 Slots Available.
  • Jonin: N/A. - 3 Slots Available.
  • Chunin: N/A. - 5 Slots Available.
  • Genin: N/A. - Unlimited.
  • Academy Student: N/A. - Unlimited.

Kirigakure No Sato:

  • Sannin: 1. - 1 Slots Available.
  • Jonin: N/A. - 3 Slots Available.
  • Chunin: N/A. - 5 Slots Available.
  • Genin: N/A. - Unlimited.
  • Academy Student: N/A. - Unlimited.

Obtaining Your Starting Rank.

Your starting rank is based on evaluation of a certain amount of word count which is further on approved or specified what needs to be fixed. For each Rank above Academy Student, an individual must write an Arc specifying the development within their previous history before they reached their current stand-point. These Arc's must be a minimal of 500 words added onto the minimal prerequisite of 300 on your standard History word count, the list below stating the minimal word count mandatory rank:

  • Academy Student: 300 Words
  • Genin: 800 Words
  • Chūnin: 1300 Words
  • Jonin: 1800 Words
  • Sannin: 2500 Words

Ranking up Through Development.

In order to excel as a Shinobi, one must follow the mandatory steps necessary in order to entitle a Shinobi of a certain ranking. As entitlement plays one of the largest roles within the vast land's of the role-play, reaching certain level's also bring respect and other bonuses. Below you will find information elaborating on how to reach each individual rank, this information goes for all Lands as there's no advantage for either:

    Genin: In order become a Genin, one must pass the Exam held at their Village's Academy determining whether or not your Character is ready to become a Shinobi. You must have at Least 30 Stats distributed on your character which DOESN'T involve Clan bonuses. Chūnin: There's two ways to prove your Shinobi is prepared to become a full-fledged ninja, taking the Chūnin Exams which are held monthly or successfully completing 5 E-Ranked. 3 D-Ranked and 2 C-Ranked Missions.Jonin: Jonin are technically the highest entitlement a Shinobi could ever dream of, capable of leading their own Squadron along with the benefit's of being capable of doing any mission imaginable. The only way to become a Jonin is to prove yourself in a matter of life or death of the Village's well-being. This includes invasions, the evidence of the termination of Missing Ninja and anything similar.Sannin: Being no more than six out of time, Sannin are known as the Guardian's of the Village and current Kage, classified as S-Ranked Shinobi whom are capable of wonders. Only the Kage of the Land's themselves are capable of calling on certain ninja which meet required criteria
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