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Atto Akimichi; The First Mizukage.

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Atto Akimichi; The First Mizukage.

Post by Atto Akimichi on Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:42 am

Medical Information.

Full Name: Atto Akimichi (literally meaning; Power House.)
Orientation: Female.
Age: 17.
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 79 lb's.
Blood Type: A.
Physical Description: Having an in-comprehensive metabolism compared to most Akimichi, Atto distinctively stands out within a crowd; being the mere size of a child doesn't help whatsoever. Along with her prepossessing, radiant crimson eye's; it isn't hard to be surprised of such ability to cause allurement. The Shinobi's average attire consists of a basic Academy Student's uniform tending to blend into society, monitoring foreigner's within the village. Weighing in at a measly seventy-nine pound's, Atto's anatomy resembled one no different than a mere children. One would be absolutely foolish to dread such a tiny body being born into the Akimichi clan... So you'd think, right? Sadly endurance is the only thing beneficial for this Shinobi as the creation of raw Chakra is created purely from an Akimichi's calories; Thus resulting in Atto's insufficient Chakra funds being halved of an average Clansmen.
A final distinctive detail many note is Atto's Hiramekarei, one of the Legendary Sword's forged in Kirigakure no Sato; passed down to those worthy to be entitled one of Mizu no Kuni's (literally meaning; Land in Mist,) Seven Swordsmen. Although it's often bandaged to retain the quality of the blade, it's two-handles connected by draw cord tend's to catch the attention of others often; along as the size of it's flattened wide blade through its wrapping. Using the little reserves of Chakra Atto is capable of unleashing, Haramekarei is capable of molding itself into different weapon's such as a Chakra Mallet, Chakra Longsword and Chakra Twin Swords; hense the reason of the draw cord for both handles.
Psychological State: After year's of consistent judgment by the Akimichi themselves, Atto grew ignorant to any desires of socializing with other individual's; an outcast in most eye's. Courage wasn't necessarily one of the little girl's strong-points, inevitably relinquishing any form of association from the Land of Fire due to shame from other Shinobi. The moment Atto stumbled upon Kirigakure no Sato plenty of individual's praised her for travelling such a distance in one peace unassisted whatsoever, prompting the young run-away to enroll at their Academy. Being nurtured from the age of seven until the present, all listed negative's to the girl's psychological state changed drastically maturing throughout the year's; if anything the redhead has become more of a hot-head surprisingly... A tongue so quick and sharp, one should consider themselves lucky to get the final word in whenever Atto's riled up. Along with her new found confidence came absolute happiness, feeling achieved after tedious year's of going from the silent little girl many conspired against, to the lovable young women she has become.

Background History.

Village: Kirigakure no Sato.
Rank: Kage.
Archetype: Iaido, Ninjutsu.
Elemental: Katon.
Historical Archives: Childbirth - Most families incline jovialty whenever giving birth to continue their ever-lasting heritage; however Clansmen within the Akimichi were more particular than what meets the eye. Atto was given birth with little to no complication, being blessed by medical Shinobi for her healthy anatomy. Though; her measly body weighed no more than six pounds, instantly indicating future complication's to her development. Gaining weight consisted of rapid consumption of calories as her family involuntary stuffed Atto before coming conclusion that there child must be sickly-ill. After a variety of consistent studies on their child's anatomy, medical professional's could only consider the little girl to have an extrodinary metabolistic rate; nothing being wrong with her whatsoever. The Akimichi's Hiden Techniques and Kekkei Genkai are purely based off of their unique ability to manipulate their own Calories into Chakra, being classified as Calorie Control. Without a normal anatomy Chakra reserve's are merely impossible to keep up; concluding to their own daughter's life as useless, continuing to put both faith and love into her Elder brother of five year's, Mizune. At four years of age Atto already dwelled daily within the solitude of ignorance amongst her Clansmen, in time no one deciding to even give the slightest form of attention to the little girl. Filled with nothing but resentment toward's the Akimichi, the youngster set off to another Land with enough resources for a little over a week. Using nothing more than the moonlight which lit the poorly written sign's... Atto clearly didn't understand the risk of what she had gotten herself into.


[center]Character Stat Distribution.

Strength: 50
Defense: 5
Endurance: 10
Speed: 10(+40) (+30 - Iaido Adept = 40 total.)
Ninjutsu: 5(+25) (+20 - Clan Bonus = 25 total.)
Chakra: 10

Chakra Points: 50/50.

Atto Akimichi

Clan : Namikaze.
Kekkei Genkai : Flying Raijin Jutsu.
Elemental(s) : Futon.
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