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The Tale to Ninshu - Arc I

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The Tale to Ninshu - Arc I

Post by Atto Akimichi on Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:48 am

Though in most tales individual's culpable on behalf of their own divinity seek order and peace rather than retribution; calamity is consistently provoked by the deity aliased as "The Sage of Six Paths," renown as the founder of Ninshu. With distinguishing facial feature's resembling various differences compared to the average human-being, it wasn't surpising to humanity to discover the incomprehendable power came from another World. After travelling globe-to-globe harvesting the very life essence of every orb, The Sage of Six Paths continued to grow blood-thirstier gaining seemingless never-ending power, fate entwining him to planet Earth. Clashing with humanity itself, the Sage acknolwedged both Earth's strength and wits through a strenuous engagement. Utilizing his Ninshu along-side the unearthly eye's known as the Rinnegan, The Sage of Six Paths developed a Jutsus to be later classified as "Creation of All Things" taking his extrodinary power to a higher magnitude by using both Spiritual and Mental Energy (Yin and Yang) to create Tailed Beast's of mayhem.
Atto Akimichi

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